Promoting collaboration on our continent.

Omega in AfricaFor more than 18 years, Omega Digital has played an active role in contributing towards the economic transformation of our continent by supplying collaboration tools to major clients in almost every African country.

Since the turn of the millennium, Africa has achieved high and sustained growth rates compared to the global average, sparking hopes that the continent could define the 21st century. Between 2011 and 2015, seven of the top ten fastest-growing economies in the world were African nations. The combination of steadily increasing foreign investment, an exponentially expanding middle class and shrinking poverty rates point to continued high levels of economic development in the years and decades ahead. In fact, an exhaustive economic study compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute in 2010 found that no continent on the planet offers a higher return on investment than Africa.

Over the past decade, Africa’s internet speeds and infrastructure have improved massively, allowing for high quality real-time communication in many parts of the continent. Omega provides these crucial collaboration tools to our clients across Africa, allowing them to grow their businesses by connecting with partners in nearby countries or on the other side of the world.

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