Promoting collaboration on our continent.

Since 2002, Omega Digital has played an active role in contributing towards the economic transformation of our continent by supplying collaboration tools to major clients in almost every African country.

As a South African company, we are part of the African people and continent, and proud to be so. Making a difference to the lives and businesses of our clients is critical for us, and this mission keeps us motivated and driven.

On any given day we are involved in multiple solutions and projects for global organisations across Africa. We work predominantly with public sector and corporate enterprise clients that are based in multiple countries around the world. No client has the exact same need as another so our ability to be agile greatly assists in achieving the outcome each of our customers require.

Collaboration tools are in high demand in African companies, and Omega has the skills and technology to implement these platforms for clients. Being the only Microsoft Meeting Room Partner for the continent demonstrates our reputation for effectively enabling collaboration across African organisations.

Many African businesses can benefit greatly from upgrading their collaboration infrastructure and solutions to achieve maximum synergy across their organisation. This is where we shine.

How is your business communicating in Africa? Call us on 0861 822 277 to find out how we can help you drive collaboration throughout the continent.