Your Omega FUZE questions answered

Omega FUZE is an all-in-one collaboration solution that redefines the future of work. In the Q&A below, Omega Collaboration Consultant Anthony Olivier talks us through some of the key benefits of FUZE and explains why this collaboration-as-a-service model makes sense in today’s business environment.

What is Omega FUZE?

Omega FUZE is an all-in-one collaboration-as-a-service offering that includes consultation, design, supply, installation and maintenance of collaboration technologies for a monthly premium.

What are the key benefits and how do these help clients in their everyday lives?

Besides being an OPEX model, the key benefits are that customers no longer have the headache of ownership that comes with traditional CAPEX purchases. The client no longer cares if products are under warranty, still compatible, or what type of SLA agreement is in place. They only expect that when they walk into a meeting room, equipment is available, working and easy to use.

Why was FUZE created?

We saw a need in the market for not just an OPEX model but a full turnkey service that gives customers flexibility and removes the difficulties of ownership of this type of equipment.

What is the key differentiator? Why do you like this offering?

This offering stands out because it covers a full end-to-end service offering from a single service provider. The quality of the upfront consultation and advice matched by the world-class after-sales support ensures that this type of model really works for clients.

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