Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Omega Digital has always believed in participating in B-BBEE in the spirit in which it was intended – to uplift those who were previously disadvantaged.

To achieve this on an even greater scale, we recently made changes to our ownership model and this has resulted in a new South African focused trading entity. This entity, Omega Digital Services (Pty) Ltd, is 51.16% black owned, 40.88% black woman owned, and a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor, with a Procurement Recognition Level of 125%.

Furthermore, the Omega Digital Trust Deed (2006) clearly acknowledges the inequities of the past and highlights that “…unless further steps are taken to increase the effective participation of the majority of South Africans in the economy, the stability and prosperity of the economy in the future may be undermined to the detriment of all South Africans” (pg. 2). With this in mind, the Omega Development Trust holds 26% of total company shares, in order to promote economic transformation and provide a mechanism whereby black people can engage in meaningful participation in the equity of the company.

We are also passionate about supporting previously disadvantaged minors, women and scholars and have therefore named New Jerusalem Children’s Home and Kearsney Foundation as key beneficiaries of the Trust (see the ‘Social Responsibility’ section for more information).

Finally, in order to support Enterprise Development, we are always eager to outsource talent and make use of B-BBEE-based suppliers, reinforcing our credentials as an empowered, socially responsible employer.

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