Michael Ritchie-Robinson joins premier programmers at Crestron Masters

Michael Ritchie-Robinson, Omega’s Design Solutions Architect, attended Crestron Masters 2018 held in Amsterdam from 15 to 17 May. This annual training event played host to over 900 of our industry’s premier programmers and ensured that they continue to raise the bar for the collaboration sector.

Below Michael shares a few insights into this training event:

It all started with an invitation from Crestron, saying I had been invited to attend the first-ever Master Technology Architect course. This was something special as it is an invite-only event; furthermore only two South African based audio visual designers (including myself and one other from another partner) were invited so it also puts Omega in a good stead within the local industry.

The various sessions to attend during the 3-day programme were focused on a few but important elements currently shaping our industry, namely:

• Security standards and protocols to be built into the hardware to be accepted by the greater IT community
• Migration to the cloud with enterprise grade management
• Unified Communications
• AV over IP
• Digital signage partnership with Appspace

The course was an excellent way to gain insights on quite a few things, namely on how the industry is changing and where we should expect to start seeing this change within our local industry. As mentioned, security, AV over IP and migration to the cloud are all things that were brought up, and we have and need to continue taking these changes seriously. This also helps us make decisions and focus our energy in growing the business and evolving in the way we need to, in order to stay ahead. It was also very insightful to hear firsthand what products we can expect to see and what changes Crestron are making to their business and products, as they also prepare to evolve and stay ahead within the industry.