Omega FUZE

Business Collaboration as a Service

Omega’s goal is, and has always been, to make collaboration better and more accessible for everyone.

We’re proud to introduce a new service, Omega FUZE, that dials directly into this philosophy by redesigning collaboration as a service. A first for South Africa, this offering fuses people, ideas and technology together to create seamless collaboration, all wrapped up in an all-in-one solution for a monthly fee. Omega FUZE requires an initial consultation to facilitate the planning, installation and maintenance of the associated infrastructure which we’ll implement across your business using our three-phase Plan, Build and Operate methodology.

With Omega FUZE, there’s no need to own any collaboration equipment or worry about it becoming outdated. It’s a simple, clear-cut and hassle-free solution that can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

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Collaboration obstacles that Omega FUZE overcomes:
• Dated technology
• Incompatible hardware
• Flexible working hours
• Multiple offices
• Mobile workforce
• Inefficient room/hot desk booking systems

Omega FUZE redefines the future of work. Let the Collaboration Experts take care of all your planning, setup and maintenance requirements, day in and day out.