Inspire collaboration with a VC solution from Omega

Video conferencing gets a lot of positive press, and rightfully so. Cost-effective and user-friendly, face-to-face communication and collaboration through the use of video technology simply makes good business sense. Video conferencing provides unprecedented value in remote collaboration, enabling a rich level of communication previously only experienced when the participants meet in person. Therefore this represents the perfect solution for a modern workforce craving mobility.

Here at Omega, we combine extensive local experience, global expertise and genuine passion to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Our broad technical and management experience and ability to understand your organisation’s needs through in-depth consultation allow us to assess, plan, and tailor-make the optimal VC solution for your business. Video conferencing is one of the five pillars of our Collaboration Ecosystem – critical components we have identified that are key to effective communication across any organisation.

So how are competitive businesses using Omega’s hardware and cloud based VC solutions? For starters, video conferencing not only improves relationships in the workplace but also increases the productivity and effectiveness of team collaboration. Furthermore, our VC solutions are designed for many different business applications where organisations need to share information and collaborate with remote employees and clients while retaining the impact of face-to-face communication.

So why not maximise your return on investment through video conferencing, and give your business the competitive edge? Give Omega a call today to receive professional advice from the Collaboration Experts, and we’ll provide you with all the neccessary tools to get (and stay) ahead.