Omega VNOC

Stress-free Video Conferencing.

OmegaVNOC is a new managed service offering that’s aimed at clients with an existing Video Conferencing infrastructure and multiple endpoints. It is underpinned by a Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC) whereby clients’ Video Conferences are remotely scheduled, monitored and managed by a dedicated operator.

In essence, OmegaVNOC’s primary function is to remove the stress from your Video Conferences by ensuring that your meetings always start on time and run without a hitch. It is designed for businesses seeking to outsource and simplify the operational management of their video meetings while guaranteeing that their investments are maximised and working at optimum capacity. A few key features of our VNOC offering include call scheduling, fault reporting and management, video bridging services, as well as access to a dedicated operator via our Help Desk.

Contact Omega today to discover how we can make your Video Conference experience more seamless while ensuring that your meetings start on time, every time.