On-Site Services

Maximise efficiency by taking an expert onboard.

Omega now offers customers a highly customisable on-site solution to all your collaboration infrastructure requirements. Where required, we will place our skilled and experienced engineers at a client’s site to provide a level of support that can only come from having a full-time resource.

Our technicians will not only assist your company to function at optimal efficiency, but also significantly control costs associated with support services. This resource can be utilised to assist with issues such as Video Conferencing, room checks, call set-up, call monitoring, diagnostics, reporting, standby support and operation of Audio Visual equipment during meetings.

We provide two classes of on-site technicians available on short-term or more permanent contracts – Boardroom Assistants and Collaboration Engineers. These professionals possess expert knowledge of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing set up, operation, and maintenance.

Benefits of utilising our On-Site Services:

  • Staffing flexibility – reduce fixed staff overheads
  • Develop/skills transfer to existing staff
  • Access to skilled external resources
  • Faster and better service delivery

Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing the management of your collaboration infrastructure to Omega Experts through our On-Site Services offering.