Outlook Plugin

Schedule and launch a VC from your email

Most video conferencing meetings are organised via an email invitation, so what if there was a way to join a VC call directly from your email, without the usual infrastructure requirements associated with this type of meeting? Thanks to the power of The Omega Cloud, this seamless transition between receiving a meeting invitation and joining a secure video conference from practically any device is now possible with our bespoke plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

Featuring a flexible licensing model and low monthly fee per user, our Outlook Plugin solution allows VC meeting organisers to invite an unlimited number of participants directly from a button displayed in their email. Confirm the date, time and virtual meeting room (VMR) and send a VC invite just like you would a meeting request. It’s that simple. Participants will then receive an invitation email containing a unique pin to securely join the meeting from either their browser, VC system, Skype for Business, or telephone.

New features include:

  • MOBILE INTEGRATION – Schedule or receive an Omega Cloud meeting invitation on your phone and join the video conference from your mobile device
  • CROSS-PLATFORM SUPPORT – The Omega Cloud VC plugin is now compatible with Outlook for Mac, Outlook Online, and Windows
  • MEETING START COUNTDOWN – Users who have clicked on the ‘join via browser’ link will be presented with a countdown if the meeting is not yet active

The Omega Outlook plugin further refines and augments the immediacy and simplicity of video conferencing. Click on the whitepaper, contact us on 011 258 5496 or send us a message to learn more about this plugin’s additional features and benefits, or visit The Omega Cloud Web Portal webpage to see how these two services are closely interlinked.