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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which browsers does the Omega Cloud support?

A. Currently supported browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari on Mac and iOS


Q.What are the different ways that users can join a virtual meeting room?

A. There are three different ways that users can join an Omega Cloud Meeting:
• Via a video conferencing system / Skype for Business
• Via one of the aforementioned web browsers
• Via a telephone


Q. What are the system requirements for the Outlook plugin?

A. There are two versions of the plugin, a version that gets installed on the user’s PC and the other is a cross-platform add-in that’s linked to a user’s e-mail account. The system requirements for the two are as follows:


Installer version is supported on:
• Outlook for Windows only
• Outlook 2013
• Outlook 2016
• Exchange 2010 R2 or later
• Office 365


Add-in version is supported on:
• Outlook 2013 or later for Windows
• Outlook 2016 or later for Mac
• Outlook on the Web for Exchange 2016 or later and Office 365
• Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2013


Mail server requirements for Add-in version: If the user is connected to Office 365 or, mail server requirements are all taken care of already. However, for users connected to on-premises installations of Exchange Server, the following requirements apply:
• The server must be Exchange 2013 or later.
• Exchange Web Services (EWS) must be enabled and must be exposed to the Internet. Many add-ins require EWS to function properly.
• The server must have a valid authentication certificate in order for the server to issue valid identity tokens. New installations of Exchange Server include a default authentication certificate. For more information, see Digital Certificates and Encryption in Exchange 2016 and Set-AuthConfig.
• To access add-ins from the Office Store, the client access servers must be able to communicate with AppSource.


Q. What are some of the additional benefits of the Outlook Plugin?

A. Additional benefits include:
• Deploy plugin via Group Policies
• Reschedule booked video meetings
• Join from practically any device
• No infrastructure required – simply use your internet connection (minimum 512kB/s) or telephone (audio only)
• Plugin adheres to industry-standard security best practices
• Always-on, high availability (geo-redundant; seamless failover)
• ISO 9001 data centre certification
• End-to-end media encryption for secure communication to and from Omega Cloud


Q. I’m unable to log in on the Outlook add-in with the following error: Primary outlook account is, please use this account to sign in.

A. Please ensure that the primary e-mail address on your Outlook client is the same as the e-mail address that was used to register on the Omega Cloud Portal.


Q. My add-in keeps asking me to log in.

A. Simply select the “Stay signed in” checkbox on the login screen. This will keep the add-in logged in for a year or until the PC’s cookies are cleared.


Q. The Outlook Plugin installer is asking for an activation token – where do I find this?

A. The Omega Cloud admin within your organisation will be able to get the token by logging into the Omega Cloud Portal (, navigating to the Admin Page by clicking on the bottom-right menu icon. On the admin page navigate to the Company Profile tab, where you will find licensing information, the activation token as well as a link to download the latest Outlook Plugin.


Q. I get an error stating that the plugin cannot connect to the server.

A. Please ensure that your computer is connected to the internet.


Q. I have forgotten my password to log in.

A. Simply click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and follow the steps to reset your password.


Q. I get an error stating that my account is not registered when I click on the plugin button.

A. Please contact your organisation’s Cloud Administrator to register your e-mail address on the Omega Portal.


Q. When will my scheduled meeting be active?

A. Scheduled meetings become active 1 hour before the specified meeting start time and the meeting will end 1 hour after the specified end time unless the organiser extends the meeting on Outlook.


Q. The plugin seems to add a “CloudBookings” participant to my meeting.

A. Yes, this mailbox is not monitored. The Omega Cloud uses this mailbox to track meeting updates. If this participant is removed from the invite, the meeting will still exist. However, any change to the meeting invite will not be tracked and will not be updated on the Omega Cloud.


Q. Who should I contact for more information?

A. Please call our Help Desk on 0861 822 277, or fill out the form on our Contact page.

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